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What's Included

What's Included

Every martial arts studio should have a goal for each and every student. This goal is accomplished by offering the student many ways to achieve it. At Red Griffin Martial Arts Studio, our goal is simply … Black Belt Excellence.

We provide many ways to achieve this objective by including a wide variety of membership benefits.

Our program includes the following:

  1. Top-flight instruction (low student/teacher ratio)
  2. Discounted equipment options
  3. Detailed curriculum requirements
  4. Quarterly updates (training, monthly agenda, upcoming events)
  5. No testing fees (excluding brown/black)
  6. Access to private lessons for extra help with techniques
  7. Monthly progress checks
  8. Age specific classes
  9. Specialty training opportunities (Leadership Training, URC, Instructor Program)
  10. Exclusive events (Golden Griffin Awards, Club Picnic, Training Camps)