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Ages 16 & up





Adults over the age of 16 learn the advanced techniques of Jiu Jitsu with a focus on body manipulation, joint locking, vascular restraints and pressure points which are combined to effectively submit an aggressive adversary without inflicting long term trauma.

Legal considerations are an integral part of our adult program. Use of force, avoidance, awareness and self control are all familiar to the martial artist. Students who achieve these qualities have been known to avoid confrontations and defuse potentially hostile situations.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers four ranges of self defense. These ranges are punching, kicking, standup grappling and ground grappling. An additional Friday evening strike class gives Jiu Jitsu students a complete understanding of practical self defense training.

Students will increase their awareness and ability to effectively protect themselves by being introduced to the concepts of Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Kickboxing. As the student progresses there is a notable increase in coordination, balance, speed and technique.

But most importantly you will see an increase in your physical and mental abilities. Students in this program often achieve an increase in physical fitness, cognitive readiness and goal achievement abilities. The implementation of controlling techniques, verbal communication and awareness forms the student into a "street smart" survivor.

Please contact the studio at 905.309.5678 or email shane@redgriffinstudio.com to enquire about scheduling and pricing information.