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Ages 13 - 16 (KB)





Students between the ages of 13 and 16 are permitted to enroll in our Teen Kickboxing and Boxing program. Kickboxing is a generic term for a sporting martial art that, while similar to boxing, uses the feet as well as the hands for striking. Kickboxing can be practiced for general fitness, or as a full-contact combat sport.

Students enrolled in our Kickboxing program will increase their awareness and ability to effectively protect themselves in a standup confrontation. As the student progresses there is a notable increase in coordination, balance, speed and technique.

But most importantly you will see an increase in your physical and mental abilities. Students in this program often achieve an increase in physical fitness, cognitive readiness and goal achievement abilities. The implementation of elbow strikes and knees transforms each student into a "street smart" survivor.

Please contact the studio at 905.309.5678 or email shane@redgriffinstudio.com to enquire about scheduling and pricing information.